Outsider Craft exhibitions 12th Sept - 15th Nov 2020

Two exhibitions during 12th September – 15th November 2020: Nordic Outsider Craft & Kettuki Artist of the Year.


  • Eivor Bennert
  • Paul Gustafsson
  • Camilla Holmqvist
  • Chang Im Ohlson
  • Hanna Keynäs
  • Henna Laulainen
  • Wenche Nilsen
  • Aleksi Pietikäinen
  • Kenneth Rasmussen
  • Michael Rasmussen
  • Matti Rauhaniemi
  • Sara Saremi
  • Patricia Sigurd
  • Magnus Östling

Nordic Outsider Craft

The exhibition ”Silmukoita” (upper floor) shows what happens when handicraft does not follow the conventional rules, but goes wild with the joy of techniques and materials. However, self-expression goes hand in hand with the esteem of uncompromising skill and diligence that are required from the practicer of slow and laborious handicraft techniques. The techniques of the works range from soft textiles to ceramics and wood sculpting.

The exhibition presents handicraft-based visual art produced in the context of outsider art. The exhibition breaks the boundaries of handicraft tradition and surprises the audience by revealing craft based outsider art from the Nordic countries.

Outsider art is made by people who create their art in margins of mainstream and established art world. The exhibitions declares that art belongs to everyone, and that there is not a single way to make works of art. Everybody has an equal right to express themselves with visual arts and creative artistic handicrafts.

Kettuki Artist of the Year – Danish visual artist Michael Rasmussen

The Kettuki Artist of the Year 2020 is Danish Michael Rasmussen, who was chosen by curator Elina Vuorimies. The prize includes 1000 euros and solo exhibition at Voipaala Art Center.

”Instead of mainstream art I am interested in the marginal arts and in generally speaking in the spontaneous emergences in cultural field. There is same untamed attraction in ITE art and in supported art activities. Both of them has been born outside of the trends and the art fairs. Referring to the outsider art the both art phenomena have their roots in the origins of the creativity.

I have been working since 2003 making ITE art known in Finland and in Europe. At the same time I have seen that art activities in supported studios have developed and strenghtened. This works is done by Kettuki with great integrity.

During last few years I have been collaborating with artists in the Nordic countries. I have been fascinated by certain kindred spirit they have.  That is why it warms my heart that Kettuki is choosing its Artist of the Year in Norden. It is a great honor for me to be a part of this choosing process.” says Vuorimies.

For the first time the call was open for all artists from outside the mainstream art world in Nordic countries. The first Kettuki Artist of the Year was selected in the year 2004.

Both exhibitions are produced by Kettuki, which is Finland’s nationwide studio network for artists from outside the mainstream art world. Kettuki association was founded in 2002. Kettuki’s main goal is equality in art.