Fall 2021 exhibitions

11th Sept - 7th Nov 2021

During the fall season we offer two group exhibitions, total of six artists, artefacts made with different techniques: paintings, graphics, photographs and ceramics.

Exhibition upstairs: Morning – Day – Night

Maalaus, jossa puilta ja muilta kasveilta näyttäviä osia.
Markku Arantila (teosdetalji).

Each of the group’s three men has taken one part of the day as a starting point for their work.

Pekka Hepoluhta takes over the morning: “Early in the morning, the world shows its wonders; not much has been accumulated to ones experience for the day.”

Jari Jula, about the day: “The biggest escalation is possible during the day. This is due to the rationality of the day. A wordless agreement guarantees that agreements will be kept during the day. If during the day one acts like in the  morning or like in the night causes maximum resentment. ”

Markku Arantila is interested about the night: “Night changes everything different, diverse rules come into force. In the morning, before I get up, I am reminded of people with strange names, naughty rhymes and obscure stories. All of them feel childish and a little embarrassing after a while. But an embarrassment can be injected into a painting. That way it will be just right. ”

Exhibition downstairs: Pause

Valokuvateoksessa ihminen sohvalla, kasvojen edessä kasveja. Sohva on metsässä.
Kristiina Töyry (teosdetalji).

Pause creates a state of rest, which arises in connection with nature, the search for inner peace, and an intense interaction with the cycle of nature.

For Lotta Leka, Pause is a space where you just allow everything to be as it is. Pause is a break while glancing the garden, a stroll with a watering can, a focus on insects and nesting birds. Her plant-themed graphic and ceramic works are based on a diverse variety of 159 different plants in her home yard.

For Kristiina Töyry, Pause is a piece in a ghettoblaster, a small strip of tape before the actual stop and expectancy before the sound continues. The pause is purple or red, sometimes green. You know it when you have it. Inhaling. In life, when we know that nothing stays, everything precedes everything and sometimes you need the Pause button. Pause is also a state of stagnation, but at the same time an awareness of the active state of waiting. What happens next, what happens “after this”? Kristiina Töyry works with text, photography, video and painting.

In her works, Heli Väisänen lingers in a peaceful state that so often arises in connection with nature. Väisänen sees Pause as the ability to stop, in the midst of all the rush, and to be in a dialogue with herself and nature. To listen to nature and listen to oneself. How a restful moment can be full of happiness, and how fragile it is.