Winter exhibition and exceptions to opening hours

The winter exhibition "Panorama" is open from Nov 28th until Jan 31st. In between we are closed during Christmas and New Year season (19th Dec - 11th Jan).


Voipaala invited Mrs Pirkko Pajunen and Mr Timo Pajunen to show a kind of retrospective when they retired from their work as art teachers. But as active artists, they don’t just want to look back! That´s why the name of the exhibition is Panorama, kind of  an allusion to Gerhard Richter´s retrospective expanded to date at Tate (2011-12).

The Pajunen couple also asked their daughter, Germany-based artist Asta Caplan to participate, so we are pleased to exhibit new and older works by three artists from Valkeakoski!

Pirkko Pajunen

Ceramist Pirkko Pajunen has taught all ages of children for 40 years in various occasions, schools, summer courses, kindergardens etc. and provided basic art education for them all. She is also the founder of Ceramega, a wide exhibition of Finnish ceramics, which has been organized every eighth year at the Voipaala Art Centre, since 1996. Last summer, at Ceramega 2020 Pirkko worked on site for days and weeks doing community art with visitors. The ceramic figurines have been fired without a kiln, like primitive pottery. Come and see how they came out!

Timo Pajunen

Painter Timo Pajunen has taught ceramic art in Helsinki university of industrial arts (Aalto University nowadays) in the 90s and after that all fine arts in Valkeakoski Lifelong Lerning Centre. His studies in ceramics and painting materials and aesthetic history made his classes popular and missed after his retirement from teaching. For the Panorama he studied some of his favourite Rembrandt paintings by first making sculptural versions and then painting from “life” these 3D Rembrandts.

Asta Caplan

Visual artist, MFA Asta Caplan lives and works in Munich, Germany. She graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts 2011; studied painting in London and Tokyo as well. Her works have been represented and exhibited by galleries internationally since 2010. As a child of an artist family she has always worked in multiple media ranging from clay to watercolour. She has been painting and studying plants and animals for all of her life. Panorama exhibits her latest etchings, fairy tale type of mice.

Opening hours

Panorama is open from November 28th until January 31st. In between we are closed during Christmas and New Year season (19th Dec – 11th Jan).

The exhibition is open Tuesdays to Fridays 11am – 5pm, Saturdays and Sundays open from noon till 6 pm. During January and February the cafeteria is open only on weekends.