Stay safe during your visit (updating Covid-19 notes)

Together, make everyone safe and follow guidelines and regional recommendations for Covid-19.

Current restrictions by the Regional State Administrative Agency for Western and Inland Finland.
Voipaala follows the official authorities’ instructions, and here they are in short (last edited 7th June 21):

Protect yourself with safety gaps and hand hygiene. Protect others by wearing a mask.

  • You are welcome to visit when feeling healthy. Stay at home if you are ill or symptomatic.
  • You are welcome with the facemask. According to studies, Covid-19 is transmitted as a droplet infection and partly also as an aerosol infection.
  • For your part, make sure that the safety distance will be maintained. Usually the showrooms are spacious, but there may be more people at the cafe and toilet in particular. If you feel that you cannot keep the safety gaps, use a facemask. If necessary, you can buy a disposable mask from our office on a weekday (1 euro / each).
  • Entrance fees are paid to café’s cashier. Please use a bankcard and contactless payment, if possible.
  • Avoid possible queuing by spending time outdoors. Usually there is no queue at all.
  • Good hand and cough hygiene prevents infections. When entering the interior, use a hand sanitizer or wash your hands in the toilet. There is only one sink in the toilets.
  • When sneezing or coughing, a disposable handkerchief is placed in front of the mouth and discarded immediately after use. If a handkerchief is not available, protect your mouth with an elbow bend. The hands are then washed.
  • According to current knowledge, coronaviruses do not persist for long periods in the air or on surfaces. However, avoid contact with surfaces if possible. The atrworks must never be touched, and it applies during the corona period. Cleaners follow the cleaning instructions of the National Institute of Occupational Health. For its part, the café entrepreneur implements the official instructions given for café operations.

Thanks for co-operating!

Let’s make this era together as comfortable as possible for fellow human beings – take each other into account and smile – it is visible even behind the mask!

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment publishes information on the effects of the coronavirus in different languages.