Summer 2022 Exhibitions

Nainen ja tyttö kahvilla Voipaalan puutarhassa

During the summer season (11th June – 28th August) Voipaala Art Center, exhibitions and the café, will be open from Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm. Closed on Mondays and Midsummer (24-26 June).

At the Art Center you can visit several art exhibitions during summer season, and take part in non-stop workshops in July. And of course there is the nature! Enjoy the atmosphere: pet the sheep, stroll along the ridge, have a cake in the garden…

With the Naked Eye at the Manor House

On June 11, 2022, the exhibition of material-based contemporary art “With the Naked Eye” will open at the Voipaala Art Center in Valkeakoski.

The joint exhibition of  two associations, Textile Artists TEXO and Artists O, presents the best of Finnish textile art, ceramic art and installation art from more than thirty artists. The artists are:

Ariadna Donner, Katariina Guthwert, Paavo Halonen, Eveliina Hardi, Ulla Harju, Soile Hovila, Leena Hyttinen, Laura Itkonen, Raija Jokinen, Merja Keskinen, Inka Kivalo, Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen, Mirja Marsch, Laura Merz, Annukka Mikkola, Saana Murtti, Matilda Palmu, Hanna Peräkylä, Heidi Puumalainen, Inni Pärnänen, Johanna Pöykkö, Anu Saari, Johanna Suonpää, Janna Syvänoja, Riitta Turunen, Päivi Vaarula, Virpi Vesanen-Laukkanen, Jana Vyborna-Turunen, Aoi Yoshizawa and the working group Synnöve Dickhoff, Helena Kaikkonen, Ulla Pohjola and Kaija Poijula.

Ceramic artist Anna-Kaisa Haanaho and textile artist Jaana Woll have supplemented an selected new works to complement and interact with the original exhibition (Helsinki 2020) curated by visual artist Kaisu Koivisto and designer Teemu Salonen.

The exhibition takes a stand on environmental protection and climate change, based on the concept of neo-materialism, according to which man and material are inseparable and material can be seen as a driver of knowledge as part of a social and historical continuum. The development and use of new materials and the insights made possible by the recycling of materials challenge us to see otherwise. The works selected for the exhibition accentuate the ordinary, often unnoticed things in a new way, and they form an ambiguous and thought-provoking ensemble.

Pixels Out of the Box at the Granary

Visual artist Pauli Ahopelto combines traditional material with digital expression. In the general essence of his wood mosaics, he strives for a freshly improvised and contrasting futuristic look in relation to traditional material. The works are on display in Voipaala in the Granary.

The basic idea of ​​ Pixels Out of the Box is the organic rebirth of digital pixels. Originally the images are captured on the phone about everyday situations, interiors, landscapes and feelings. The works processed about the subjects are wooden surfaces, such as veneers, shingles, glulam, recycled wood, but still mainly alder and spruce shingles. Working techniques also include a wide range of wood treatments, primers and compositions.The dyes are carried out ecologically, mainly with homemade pigmented natural waxes. Everything shows a vivid handprint and organicity.

Ilkka Atelier

The Ilkka Atelier will display the museum collection of sculptor Elias Ilkka’s studio. The new presentation wall made of Elias Ilkka (1889-1968) presents the life cycle of the sculptor from the crofter family to the Voipaala manor owner.

In addition in the Atelier there are changing summer exhibitions from local artists, members of the Valkeakoski Visual Artists Association.

In addition to art in Voipaala

In the summer (from 11 June) you can have a soup lunch in the café or outdoors. And of course there is ice cream, delicious cakes and pies for your coffee break!

The new 4H Enterprise will open its doors for the summer under the name Voipaala 4H Summer Shop. All three young entrepreneurs are aged between 17-18 and are members of their local 4H associations. A 4H Enterprise is a great way for young people to practice managing their own business, so support them shopping some local products! You´ll find the 4H Summer Shop from the Bakery, the oldest building in the Voipaala Yard, just across the parking area.

Every summer, the visitors favorite are our summer residents – sheep. So get your camera ready and come to the cultural landscapes of Voipaala and Rapola Ridge!