Voipaala opens ceramic exhibition on 13th June

We are pleased to inform you that Voipaala Art Center will re-open after lockdown with a wide exhibition of ceramics.

Ceramega 2020

Ceramega 2020 exhibition displays works from almost 100 ceramic artists from Finland and Estonia. The exhibition area consists indoors as well ourdoor spaces.

Ceramega will be held fourth time. The previous editions of Ceramega (1996, 2004, 2012) were convered by ceramist, art teacher Pirkko Pajunen. In 2020 the new curator is sculptor, artist, ceramist Piela Auvinen. Clay, as a embodiment of artistic communication, has travelled alongside her from childhood and significance of this material grows stronger year after year for her.

The theme Auvinen has chosen is ”Särmä” (Edge). The theme can be looked from a very concrete, aesthetic point of view or on the other hand the starting point can also be newkind state of mind.

Ceramega 2020 will focus on ceramic art like sculptures, installations and reliefs more than classic vessels. An interesting addition to the exhibition is a group of ceramic artists from Estonia, since it is the first time that Ceramega will display other than Finnish ceramics. Also invited are Finnish university students in the field of visual arts and jewelery art with their teachers. Pirkko Pajunen is also involved by inviting the local ceramists from Valkeakoski area.

Open 13th June — 30th August 2020
Tue-Sun 11 am – 6 pm (closed on Mondays and on Midsummer 19th -21st June)

exhibition poster, only text

Physical distancing

The restrictions on gatherings will be eased from 1 June in line with the government resolution. Vernissage will not be held due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The lockdown may be over but there is still need for social/physical distancing: come only if you are healthy, ensure that there is a space of 1 – 2 meters to other persons, wash your hands, use hand sanitizer and avoid handshakes. It is permitted to organise events for 50 people in indoor and enclosed outdoor spaces, provided that safety can be ensured by limiting the number of visitors, maintaining safe distances and providing hygiene instructions. Fortunately the exhibition spreds to our large garden and many buildings, so everyone can find his/hers spot despite the restricitons.

You are welcome!