Winter exhibition until 30th January 2022

"The scenery" exhibition makes art from the environmental experience.

The words scenery or landscape first reminds us of a view, something that is viewed. Something that is, in one way or another, limited, packaged, framed, and externally viewed. The pictures taken from the landscape, the compositions, are learned and we are happy to find a similar picture. Still, it is interesting to walk that path by yourself. The landscape can be tamed as a subject, but for artist working in the landscape affects colors and expression. The landscape is a living model and a conversation partner.

Five visual artists have worked around Voipaala and Rapolanharju scenery over the past year. Artists Miina Laine, Tiina Kaisa Leppänen, Mekku Osanen, Hans-Peter Schütt and Miia Änäkkälä have dealt with their relationship to the landscape in paintings, drawings, installations, graphics, photographs and ceramics.

The exhibition is open Tue-Sun 11 am – 5 pm from 20. Nov to 19. Dec 2021 and will continue after the Christmas break 11. Jan- 30. Jan. 2022. Note: rush hours on Tue´s and Wed´s until 1.30 pm. During rush hours face masks are required, since “Art Testers” are in the house. Art Testers -program is the largest culture education program in Finland, offering all 8th graders and their teachers 1–2 annual visits in esteemed cultural institutions.

During winter (Dec-Feb) cafe is open only on Saturdays and Sundays 11am – 5 pm.