Summer 2022 Events

Voipaalan taidekeskuksen päärakennus kesällä vihreiden puiden ympäröimänä

Free workshops and guided tours are held in Finnish.

Art workshops

You can participate to the open workshops without prior registration!

The workshops will be held in July on Saturdays at 11:30 am – 3:30 pm. There is no pre-registration for the workshops: participants can come and go according to their own schedule. The workshops are free of charge and held in Finnish. Organized by Artists O, the association of independent artists in the field of industrial arts in Finland.

• 9th July: Community art work

In the workshop, led by Anna-Kaisa Haanaho and Elina Laitinen, the participants, led by the instructors, build a momentary work of natural materials and document the work by drawing and describing it.

• 16th July: Hapa zome

In a fun workshop, plants are crushed, and their natural pigments are released into the fabric.

The workshop, led by Tanja Valta, uses the Japanese hapa zome technique, where patterns of plants collected from nature are transferred to the fabric by hammering them between two fabrics.

• 23rd July: How Am I a Part of Nature and How Does It Feel?

Workshop uses expressive art methods such as painting and drawing and implements a cube to answer the question: How Am I a Part of Nature and How Does It Feel? The day is led by Anna-Mari Vierikko and Laura Kahlos.

• 30th July: Artsy playing cards

In the workshop, which promotes cultural well-being, you play a multicultural version of the game Happy Families and draw your own character cards. Directed by Reetta Hiltunen, Chairman of Artists O.

Guided tours on the ridge

Every Sunday there will be guided tour to the Rapola Ridge (except Midsummer 26th June). Departure in front of the main doors of the Voipaala Art Center at 3 pm. Free of charge, Finnish speaking guide.

Guided tour will walk you through 1,6 km path. The terrain is uneven and rough, and the Rapola ridge is not accessible by wheelchair.

The Rapola ridge, a junction of the ancient Häme waterways, is one of the most valued cultural sites in Finland. In addition to the remnants of Finland´s largest ancient hill fort, built some thousand years ago, the area boasts remnants of prehistoric dwellings, cemeteries, sacrificial stones and an ancient grain field. Read more about our beautiful heritage site on